The Ascended Masters have evolved through the "kingdom of humanity" and understand any situation or circumstance you and the world could possibly be in. They are dedicated to helping you when you call upon Them.

You can receive messages from the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, your Guides and your loved ones on the other side through Patty. Her many years of life experience and interaction with the Ascended Beings provides you with insight and understanding to your situations: personal, local, worldwide and cosmic, giving you guidance, and clear, concise answers to your questions. Her friends say she has an open line to the Masters and those on the other side.

This comment is from one person who has received many messages: "Ascended Master Messages are brilliant, with clear vision and are dead center every time. The flow of information follows closely and accurate. Patty is one body with her people stays on the goal and highlights what is good. Wonderful angelic help and guides are superb. Guides, angels, Ascended Masters and clients are One." -- Chicago, IL.

"Patty brings loved ones from the other side close and lets them talk back and forth through her in a rewarding experience that is satisfying, close and warm." -- Cambridge, Maryland

Sporadic phone conferences will be held with Patty as the liason with the Light Beings. To be invited to telephone conferences with the Light Beings, please sign up to be notified when the session will take place and receive the information to participate. The phone call will be to a local number which could be a toll call for you. Please send an email with phone conference sign up in the subject line. Thank you.

You will need to have your questions ready - non-personal questions that are of interest to everyone, please. The session will be available in MP3 format later on the web for you to download. The amount to support this work is a minimum $36 donation payable via Discover, Master Card or Visa. Thank you.

Please send us your questions, suggestions and ideas so we can make this web page a valuable resource for you from the Ascended Masters. Please let us know what you would like to see. We love hearing from you.

Ascended Master Messages
To enjoy your own reading please contact Patty via Email or Phone 302-378-6466.


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