Asking the Masters to Intervene in World Affairs
May 28 2018

God gave we humans free will, which the Masters and Angels may not interfere with. This is where prayer and invocation come in. We need to ask Them to not only help us, but to help the world during major crises. We are experiencing a crisis point in civilization right now. All we need do is read or watch the news. So how can we be of help; we who think of ourselves as politically having little power? The message that came through a few days ago is to ask Them to intervene. They are much more powerful than any world leader and are eager to help when we ask.

They are asking us in our own way to please Ask the Masters, Saints or Angels, whomever is comfortable for you, to intervene in human affairs to bring about God’s Will or God’s Divine Plan. Personally, I do not ask for specifics, only for the Highest Good of all concerned, because I do not know what my own Highest Good is, let alone someone else’s or the world’s. When we meditate to tune in and say our prayer or invocation, it is helpful to radiate our energy to others who are doing the same, even though we do not know them or where they are. The energy will reach them when we say our intent to do.

Please Email me if you want to contribute to creating an invocation, or receive an invocation or prayer to ask the Masters to intervene. Thank you.

According to Metatron through Tyberron

Intervention has happened noticeably twice:

Ø when the Spanish Armada was devastated on their way to conquer England, resulting in the end of the Spanish Inquisition. This was during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth succeeded Bloody Mary, her half-sister from Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon (Spain). Mary had Protestants burned at the stake. Queen Elizabeth I ended that religious killing, brought long-lasting peace and prosperity to England, ended the wars and became England’s greatest monarch.

Ø when Nazi Germany was blocked from developing the atomic bomb. The intervention may have encouraged the invasion of Russia to end the Nazi regime. The result is obvious.

November 2009

The Masters want you to receive the following message, even though it may seem more practical than usual.

The world is going through profound change, as you well know. All nations, cultures and governments, religions, financial systems, social norms and the weather are in upheaval. This is in accord with your earth moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The changes are intensified by the lining up of your solar system with the galactic center. This means your solar system is moving into a higher vibratory area in the galaxy with more light entering your solar system to earth. These changes will continue for some time.

Our message to you is to find the standard you will live by. You can call this an Ideal, a virtue, a platform, a quality, or what you will stand for. We Masters do not punish, we encourage. You are asked to do the same. God, the Higher Power, the One Force, the Universe, or whatever name you give, is the Unifier. You are asked to do the same. You are asked to unify or harmonize the situations and relationships you are experiencing. One of the messages of the Christian dispensation is to forgive. You are asked to do the same, no matter what religion you practice, or not. To forgive is to let go of feelings of vengeance or punishment.

Give thought to how you will measure your decisions. Choose something practical. What does it mean? How will you practice it? Daily look at it. Try your best to practice that standard in every relationship and situation. This sounds simple but can be challenging and will go against your ego and emotions. Will your decision punish another or yourself or will it encourage and forgive? Will your decision bring together or drive apart? Will your decision cause harmony or conflict? Will your desire cause unease and separation or alleviate pain and bring together? Will your words harm or heal? It is up to you.

What does this have to do with the changes? If you want to come through the transition whole, you are asked to create and live by your standard. Encourage, unify, harmonize and forgive others and yourself. Spend time with God in your way. We are not promoting a religion or way of life except that you choose your standard and actually live it. These unsettling times are your opportunity to prepare for the message of the Age of Aquarius by living your Ideal or standard. This raises your vibrations, heals your emotions and clears your outlook so you come through the changes whole. You will have eyes to see and ears to hear. Your result is a better life.

From the Ascended Masters to you, our Beloved Friends

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