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by Patty Finlayson, PMA

In looking back 37 years plus, the diversity of people who ask for readings is amazing. When it first began, I was newly divorced, in emotional pain and on a new life adventure. Not surprisingly, the first to ask for help were newly divorced women who had young children to raise. It was a difficult life transition for them. Reading their horoscopes helped them discover who they were, why there were here, and how to go through their current situation, giving hope. When some of the divorced women were ready to remarry, they asked for relationship comparisons, advice on the best time to marry and when to travel on their honeymoons. Then came requests for Soul’s Purpose readings for their children, one of the most helpful readings.

As my life evolved and I became involved in local and national A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce) activities, my passion for Soul’s Purpose astrology attracted those who were, and still are, serious about living their lives according to their Divine Plan and doing the best they can to understand and improve their relationships and situations. The A.R.E. is a divers organization, leading to interaction with psychologists, publishers, professors and students, all of whom wanted readings because they know astrology is most helpful. Most of the members, though, are “ordinary people” just like me who are pursuing a better understanding of life and applying their Ideals.

Radio and TV brought nationwide exposure and giving readings off the air to the producers and talk show hosts, who were always amazed at the accuracy of the answers. By the way, about 98 percent of talk-show hosts are Geminis’.

The A.R.E., radio and TV attracted people from all walks of life, from home makers, secretaries, lawyers and judges to stock brokers, legislators and financial planners. I do not give financial advice, but the horoscope does reveal past life situations that influence attitude and behavior toward money and uncovers past life patterns that influence current family and love relationships.

When the web page was launched with free generic predictions, police officers, doctors and nurses were surprised at how the full Moon accurately foretold injuries. One friend was a pediatric nurse and was always ready because the full Moon indicated the nature of the children’s illnesses. The web page attracted people from Canada, Europe, Australia, the Near East, Asia and Africa, who had careers as teachers, doctors, business people and diplomats. Even though they live in different cultures with different religions, the concerns are the same: why am I here, how can my marriage be better, when will I have love, how can I get along with my boss better, how is my career going? What are my children up to?

When my clairvoyance became apparent, I asked that I not tune into cataclysms or disasters, so I don’t, although some information does come through about earth changes, which are not disasters from the point of view of Mother Earth. About three weeks ago, someone asked if he should go to Israel? The answer was “no, there is about to be a war, and you would be in the middle of it, possibly causing an international incident.” He stayed home. Some ask about loved ones on the other side, and occasionally they come through, always with helpful information because that is what I focus on. Past life scenarios sometimes come through that help explain current situations. About once a year, I have a “check” reading with a fellow astrologer, psychic or channel, ending up with them asking for a reading from me, so it is reciprocal.

Everybody is fascinating, with rich life stories and exciting potential. Interestingly, no one asks if or how the earth changes will affect them, or should they move because of dire sensational warnings. The interpretation of your horoscope reveals how your life is unfolding according to your soul’s guidance, within whatever is happening in the outer world, whether a full Moon, fire, or earthquake. It is one’s resistance to soul cycles that causes difficulties. That I provide insight and hope by giving readings is an honor.

To enjoy your own reading please contact Patty via Email or Phone 302.378.6466.

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