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How can astrology help with your health?

Most ask for readings to discover what is happening with relationships, jobs or money – and usually when your situation is going wrong. However, your chart also reveals health problems, if any. Health situations found in your chart are not meant to replace medical diagnoses or instructions, but are meant as further insight. What follows is basic astrology.

Your sign, or Sun sign as we astrologers call it, is the costume your soul is wearing this lifetime and has specific characteristics, including a potential for illness or injury. Being aware of the physical characteristics of Sun signs is helpful when caring for yourself or a loved one because you can prevent difficult health potentials by proper action, just like you can prevent diabetes with the proper diet.

When you read basic astrology about signs, you learn the basic physical descriptions. For instance:

Aries, head

Taurus, throat

Gemini, hands, arms and lungs

Cancer, stomach and breasts

Leo, heart

Virgo, upper colon

Libra, kidneys

Scorpio, reproductive organs

Sagittarius, hips and thighs

Capricorn, knees, bones and skin

Aquarius, ankles and calves

Pisces, eyes and feet

You know the full Moon stimulates certain exaggerated behaviors. If you know the sign of the full Moon, you can accurately foretell what areas of the body or types of behaviors will be exhibited. If you are in the medical or law enforcement professions, this is helpful in being prepared. If your Sun sign is the sign of the full Moon, you know you will be more emotional than usual and can overreact. Knowing this, you can stop yourself from overreacting.

This is only the beginning. Your Sun is connected with other planets in your chart which indicates specific strengths or weaknesses according to the relationship between them. If you are skilled with astrology, you can figure this out for yourself. If you need more insight, ask for a reading to help you.

How can astrology help healers?

Patty helps several healers uncover health problems, family, emotional and mental patterns in their client’s charts, with the client’s permission of course. Knowing the horoscope of your people is valuable. In addition to the basics of each sign, you discover what is brought from a past life, what patterns are present because of the nuclear family situation and which are chosen by the soul to experience apart from the nuclear family.

The chart shows whether a person’s physical, emotional, mental or etheric body is strong or weak and where the potential for strengthening is. If the weakness is from a past life, it is identified, along with characteristics or virtues to develop to transform the weakness.

The relationship with parents colors other relationships. Each chart reveals how the parental relationship influences interactions with authority figures, those of the opposite sex and sometimes the spouse. When this is revealed, your client, with your help, can learn to reflect and act suitably instead of continuing the pattern. Difficult relationship patterns can be helped when revealed and understood by studying the chart, and with the will to change and the help of the healer.

There are certain planetary configurations that show subtle health problems that are hard to diagnose and possibly be overlooked. When these are discovered, the healer or doctor can perform tests for confirmation.

Some health difficulties are from birth and a life-long situation, a way of handling a challenge chosen by the soul. Some health troubles are temporary, which are revealed by transits and progressions. These could be something the soul wanted to experience for a specific period of time or the person refused to make a change, thereby repressing energy that pops out as an illness or injury.

Financial patterns that come from past lives or the parents can be revealed and healed, too. The same with sexual inhibitions or excess. Each weakness or excess can be transformed with recognition, understanding and the will to be healed.

One of the most obvious patterns is addiction, whether to alcohol and drugs, spending or sex. Each of these patterns has a wonderful upside if it can be recognized and applied. Some addictions result from a past life death that is apparently recent, with the addiction or a very strong allergic reaction to the previous life physical cause of death. For instance, a healer friend of mine had several clients who had allergic reactions to gas and some who were addicted to sleep. It turns out that in a previous life they were killed by gas which had put them to sleep. Others were addicted to starving themselves and they had been prisoners of war who had starved. With the clients’ permission, we looked at the charts and there was the obvious addiction configuration, each specific to their situation. With the healer’s help, they were able to heal the addiction by replacing it with the upside of the configuration.

Know and heal thyself

It is said to “know thyself.” The study of astrology is a tool to discover and know yourself. Better yet, your horoscope reveals why you are the way you are and how you can heal what you consider imperfections, health problems, addictions, relationships and financial problems. All it takes is the desire to discover why, and the will and motivation to change.

To enjoy your own reading please contact Patty via Email or Phone 302.378.6466.

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