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by Patty Finlayson, PMA
January 2009

What is Leadership? Who is the Leader?

Leadership is the act of focusing and directing the vision of a group. Ideally the vision is created by the group, not the leader. The leader is the person who keeps the focus and via cooperation, guides the group to accomplish the vision.

What and who does it take?

It takes the will of the group to go forward. It takes every member of the group, with whatever ability every member has, what every person can give, and with all their personality quirks. What seems to be a quirk is a talent and can be a catalyst. The leader focuses everyone toward the vision.

We have entered the Age of Aquarius, with the electric energy of the sign of Aquarius, his planet Uranus and the Seventh Ray encompassing everything and everybody on earth. All life on earth is now living and moving within Aquarian energy. For 72 years we will be adjusting to the 29th degree of Aquarius. For over 2,000 years, humanity has gotten used to the comparatively gentle energy of Pisces, with the devotion of Neptune and the Sixth Ray. Now we adjust to Aquarius. Why is this important to leadership? Because the old ways are out of date, the new is with us and leaders need to adjust. Some signs get along more easily with Aquarian energy than others, and this is discussed below.

Now letís get to the astrology of how people of different signs interact. Please keep in mind this is extremely simplified, focusing on the sun signs only. Each person is a complexity of every planet and sign and it is not possible to write about all the complexities. So we are talking about signs with their potentials.

The people who start things, the initiators, leaders are the cardinal signs: are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Each leads according to their qualities. The leaders of the zodiac make quick decisions and usually do not look back. They get bored quickly and stir things up when things get stagnant. They donít like detail and need others to keep track of them. They also need others to maintain or manage once the vision is manifested.

Aries jumps into the new, seen as an adventure, and fearlessly goes forward, inspiring others with his vision. Aries is so focused on the vision and the excitement of a new beginning, he does not contemplate the details. Aries is more likely to go it alone in the beginning, and if he is wise he will delegate the management and details. The personality quirk of Aries is apparent lack of sensitivity and selfishness. Aries gets along with Aquarius, meaning Aries leaders will be able to creatively lead during the change brought by the Age of Aquarius.

Cancer jumps into a new activity with the enthusiasm of feelings, and is able to inspire others because of her joyful conviction towards the activity. Cancer is prone to treating the group as family, and is sensitive towards their feelings. If the group gets out of synch, Cancer does all possible to discover the cause to alleviate hurt emotions. Cancer is likely to bring food to comfort the group. The personality quirk of Cancer is being too emotional and basing decisions on emotionalism. Cancer is off balance with Aquarius, meaning the emotionalism of Cancer is not comfortable with the abstractness of the Age of Aquarius. Cancer will need to adjust and set aside emotions and use her will to develop and lead friends instead of family during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Libra is the social butterfly of leaders, and begins social activities or makes mundane things social. Libra inspires others with his grace and diplomacy in presenting the vision. Libra likes law and fairness, and will lead accordingly, being upset if things donít go according to the rules or is unfair to others. Libra will beautify surroundings to create harmony, and will lead via cooperation, bending over backwards trying to balance the needs and energies of the group. Libra makes snap decisions for the group. The only vacillating decisions are in Libraís personal life. The personality quirk of Libra is to anger quickly when plans are unexpectedly changed and needing to be liked to the point of being a doormat. Libra gets along well with Aquarius, meaning Libra can lead with grace, cooperation and equality during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Capricorn is the patient leader, understanding the element of time and timing. Capricorn is more comfortable leading within a company than beginning her own activity. Capricorn is a natural teacher, patiently teaching the group to practically understand the vision. Capricorn will patiently inspire others to bring their ideas to the vision and help them accomplish them. Capricorn is the persistent worker, and will lose himself in the endeavor. The personality quirk of Capricorn is expecting others to be as practical and focused as himself, sometimes being too strong a taskmaster. Capricorn is a next-door neighbor of Aquarius, and understands the abstract nature during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Now we go to the managers of the zodiac, the so-called fixed or stable signs which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These signs are in tension with the Age of Aquarius and will need to change their way of control or management.

Taurus is the practical manager who patiently manages the checkbook. Taurus grounds the vision, continually bringing attention to practical needs. She will restrain extravagance and moderate change for change sake. Financial details are Taurusí strength and will keep the vision fiscally sound and solvent. The personality quirk of Taurus is stubborn refusal to change and taking a long time to make a decision. Taurus has a hard time with Aquarius, meaning the abstract, seemingly cold changes in the Age of Aquarius are uncomfortable. This is the time Taurus needs to make that once-in-a-lifetime change of mind in order to function properly during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Leo is the proud, dramatic manager who needs attention and a title to function properly, but brings creative ideas to the vision. Leo is social, and will manage with flair and a potentially expensive social setting. He is comfortable with those who are financially successful and is able to approach those in high positions to the benefit of the vision. The personality quirk of Leo is spending too much money and holding on to an idea after it has outlived its usefulness. Leo is opposite Aquarius. Leo wants to hold on to his cherished position, ideas and has a desire to be obeyed. He will have difficulty understanding the need to manage as an equal in the group, but by cultivating friendship instead of demanding obedience, Leo can succeed during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Scorpio is the manager of the investments, insurance and tax interests of the vision. She has the ability to see and plan what is needed financially in the future and is why she stubbornly plans and invests. Scorpio wants the group to function with close relationships which can cause friction if some members donít want this. The personality quirk of Scorpio is stubbornly insisting on her own way. Scorpio has control issues with Aquarius, meaning she could have a hard time with the new, abstract ways of managing unless she cultivates friendships during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is the manager of people, and can make what seems to be cold decisions which are based on unemotional analysis of the situation that takes the future into consideration and end up for the betterment of people. Aquarius manages with friendship and equality, bringing the group together for idea sessions and chooses what he knows to be best for the long-term benefit of the vision. The personality quirk of Aquarius is covert control of the group for Aquariusí own ends. Aquarius and the Age of Aquarius obviously get along, they are one. The Aquarius person should be comfortable with the fast electric energy changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Now we go to the communicators of the zodiac, the so-called mutable or flexible signs. They are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These signs like to be with others, like to talk, tell stories and have a good sense of humor.

Gemini is the salesman and one of the diplomats of the zodiac who sees all sides of a situation and can charmingly bring others together. Gemini is skilled in explaining the vision and how it benefits everyone. When there are misunderstandings, either of the vision or between people, Gemini is the one who can help. He is one of the social butterflies of the zodiac and brings social brightness to the vision and its activity. The personality quirk of Gemini is talking too much and saying what others want to hear instead of being candid. Gemini and Aquarius get along very well, meaning Gemini can explain the changes brought by the Age of Aquarius so others can understand and cooperate.

Usually Virgo is quiet, introspective and analytical. Virgo concentrates on detail and talks about the details of the vision, not the concept. This talent enables others to understand the sequential steps necessary. Virgo wants to concentrate on practicalities, wants perfection and will work hard to accomplish it. The personality quirk of Virgo is to criticize what she does not understand. Virgo has a hard time getting along with Aquarius, not understanding the abstract concept. This means Virgo needs to adjust to being friendly, try to grasp the abstract big picture during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Sagittarius is the traveler and scholar of the zodiac, who loves to travel in order to learn. Sagittarius will communicate new ideas learned during those travels, whether actual or scholarly. He is a peacemaker, and will do what he can to bring harmony to the group. Sagittarius makes friends with those from all walks of life, and welcomes all, opening the group to ideas from the seemingly ďforeign.Ē The personality quirk of Sagittarius is being insensitive to emotion and being unavailable because of his travels. Sagittarius gets along wonderfully with Aquarius, meaning Sagittarius will easily communicate the abstract ideas during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

Pisces is the sensitive communicator, and has vision and compassion. She is creative and the most visual of the group, and can see the vision presented by the leader. Pisces can creatively explain so others can see and patiently instruct those who have a difficult time understanding. When Pisces believes in the vision, she is devoted and passionately talks about it and with her charm, persuades others. The personality quirk of Pisces is to be vague and to retreat when overwhelmed. Pisces is a next-door neighbor to Aquarius and is understanding of Aquarius eccentricness, and can put Aquarius ideal of equality and friendship into reality during the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius.

So you see that Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius will adapt well to the changes brought about in the Age of Aquarius. Leo could experience opposition if he insists on obedience or being the only star. Cancer and Virgo need to adjust to a more abstract and seemingly impersonal way, and Capricorn and Pisces are somewhat neutral during the changes. Taurus and Scorpio have a tense time during the changes if they donít loosen up and be flexible because the financial ways are being replaced. Some of this is already evident. We are already in the first phase of the 72-year transition from 29 degrees Aquarius.

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