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 Meeting of the Minds through Signs

Using Astrological Keywords to Unlock the Power of Communication

This short, easy-to-use reference will help you communicate with all astrological signs.
People of some signs are so different from you that you may not be able to communicate with them easily. With this booklet, you can quickly and easily look up which words and other useful information, to use with people of a particular sign, to get their attention and have a good conversation. This booklet is helpful to many and will be helpful to you, too.

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Order your very own Retrograde Mercury, Venus and Mars for a full twelve months calculated for your exact location. Includes the exact time the planets go into and out of retrograde and the signs they are in, complete with an explanation of what this means. Customized to your current location. Sent via e-mail in Adobe Acrobat file to keep the formatting. Only $9 US. Email Patty to Purchase.


Moon chart calculated for your exact location with the day and time when the moon goes into each sign. Especially helpful if you are a gardener and want to plant successfully by the sign the moon is in. I garden with the moon and am very successful. People say plants do things for me they don't for others, but it is really the elemental life stimulated by the moon and nurtured by me. You can do this, too. Only $9 US for one year, beginning with the month you specify. Email Patty to Purchase.


Created personally for you and an important person of your choice; such as a spouse, child, parent, friend, employer, etc. It is about fifteen pages of accurate interpretation of how you relate to each other. This requires the birth date and place of each of you, and the time of both if available. I will email you for this information after I receive your order. $27 US. Email Patty to Purchase.

To enjoy your own reading, or purchase a chart, please contact Patty via Email or Phone 302.378.6466.

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