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Readings & Lessons Offered by Patty

• Intuitive Readings

Patty has a highly developed intuitive gift that is included in your personal readings. You may have contact with your guides or the Ascended Masters, access to past lives, intuitional advice as it comes through for you.

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• Astrology Readings

Your natal horoscope or chart reveals traits about yourself, how different relationships are experienced; love, spouse, children, parents, and bosses. Also work or career situations, money - how you like to spend it and how you like to earn it. Importantly, your natal horoscope or chart reveals the qualities of your purpose for being here, or your soul's purpose. There are certain traits you were born with that help you fulfill your soul's purpose, and these are revealed to you, along with the characteristics that you are to develop this lifetime.

Past life situations can be revealed in the patterns of your chart helping you learn why certain things happen time and time again. Family patterns and family "threads" amongst the charts of family members are revealed, too, helping you understand your relationship with your family and possibly why you incarnated together.

In what Patty calls the year ahead, you can discover what is happening in your life, why it is happening and how long it will last. This is helpful in all times of your life, not only during crises. The soul cycles coming up for you help you maximize opportunities, know when things will be easier, and how to handle crises. The year ahead, or transits and progressions, are the cycles your soul has set up for you to grow into your spiritual potential.

Call or email Patty with your birth information and the birth information of special relationships for a deeper understanding of your interaction with them. Your reading will be recorded and mailed to you so you may review this valuable information as often as you wish. Birth information needed for you is your birthday, birth place and time of birth. Birth information for special relationships may be their birthday, as your reading will be focused upon you and how the other person relates with you from your viewpoint.

• Astrology Lessons by Phone

Are you studying astrology using your favorite book or website and you want something expanded or explained in a different way?

You only need a short or quick conversation to clear something up?

Whether you want a short 15-minute explanation or a full hour lesson, Patty is here for you. Patty the Astrologer has over 37 years' experience as a consulting and teaching astrologer and is eager to help you. Patty can quickly and clearly help you understand the astrology of your questions.

The following are examples of astrology subjects:

• Basics about planets, signs and houses
• How the planets interact with each other (aspects)
• The patron planet or ruler of a house cusp living in a different house
• Integrate the chart
• Transits, progressions and solar returns
• Time Lord technique
• Relationship comparison, and relationship composite.

Your lesson is live, one-on-one with Patty, and is like being with her in person. The astrology is explained clearly and specifically in American English.

A special astrology chart is chosen by you, either yours or another's, for your explanation. Patty uses Western tropic astrology, Placidus house system, Chiron, and the true node, which have proven to be accurate over the 37 years giving astrology consultations.

Your lesson is over the phone, which is recorded and sent to you. All you need do is to Email or call 302-378-0579 to schedule your appointment. Availability is from 10 am Eastern Time.

• Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are a wonderful tool that uncannily reveal nuances to your personal questions. Quickly clarify your relationship with others, including hidden aspects about yourself, others, and the situation itself. Patty's interpretation of the tarot cards can help you speedily make decisions. The tarot can be used in combination with your in-depth astrology reading or intuition reading to bring you fuller understanding.

Call Patty to arrange a time for your reading that is convenient and comfortable for you. Choose a time when you can be relaxed and focused. So much information is given that it is difficult to remember everything, so your consultation is conducted over the phone and recorded and mailed to you so you can listen again and again to the valuable and timeless information that comes through for you.

All of the above Readings & Lessons are prepaid in US Dollars.

All Readings & Lessons include an audio tape or an MP3 file emailed to you so you can refer to this valuable information again and again.

To enjoy your own reading please contact Patty via Email or Phone 302.378.6466.

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