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Soulís Purpose Dialogue
by Patty Finlayson, PMA
October 2006

A reader asked questions about her soulís purpose which initiated an e-mail conversation. The first question is ďI would like to know if, when giving a reading, you not only tell a seeker what their purpose is, (let's take, for example, "Being a Lightworker") but also what specific actions they should be taking to feel fulfilled. Do you always know a personís soulís purpose?Ē

Letís begin with my philosophy. You chose this lifetime before you are born with the help of your guides and you decided what you needed to balance your soul and what challenges, relationships, talents and opportunities you wanted to experience. You chose the time, date and place of your birth so your chart or horoscope reflects your chosen potential. Your chart reveals your underlying soulís purpose which is not always obvious. Your purpose can be likened to a virtue or quality you want to expand to balance your soul and produce growth. In addition to choosing your chart, you are probably aware that you come in with ďagreementsĒ with others, thereby planning the family, friends and spouses you will interact with. Your soulís purpose is always shown in your chart, and I can help you recognize those virtues or qualities. With discussion we can figure out your unique way of expressing that virtue and where in your life you will best express yourself.

Each astrological virtue can be expressed in different ways. The virtue of being a Lightworker could also be expressed as a musician, dancer, comedian, humorous writer, developing your intuition or compassion, or helping others. You can see we are talking about a particular astrological sign, each of which has virtues that can be expressed in different ways. Your desire will prompt you to choose the expression of the virtue that is your way.

Since you asked about being a Lightworker, letís say you want to help others you feel need help. They can be your family, children, the downtrodden or people at work. Do you need a career helping others? Not necessarily. You can be a Lightworker for others anywhere you are. Your current situation is usually where you need to be to express your soulís purpose.

Discovering your soulís purpose is similar to discovering your Ideal in Edgar Cayce study groups. Your soulís purpose and your Ideal reveal a quality or virtue you want to apply in every facet of your life. When you discover and recognize your soul's purpose you would use that virtue when making decisions, trying to apply it to every situation and relationship. Lightworkerís are usually intuitive and compassionate, and compassion can be extended to everything you touch. Letís select compassion for this discussion.

It is helpful to look back to as early as you can remember and recognize patterns that reveal the situations where you would be expressing compassion, or the other virtues of being a Lightworker.

However, you asked for specific actions. To extend your question, we look at where you want to express your soulís purpose virtue as revealed in your chart, which helps you understand where those virtues would be stretched, and it is usually not easy. Letís say your chart reveals you are to express compassion toward children. You would continually find yourself with children who are physically hurt or need your understanding and advice. You may be attracted to a teaching career for elementary school. The flip side of this is your friends may criticize you for always being with children, which could be something from a past life. Remember this is only one possible expression of one virtue and there are many

We have made up this soulís purpose. Just for discussion, letís say a soul incarnates with Lightworker desire but is a dynamic leader. The expression or specific actions would be different because that person would be outgoing, somewhat forceful and find oneís self in continual positions of leadership, while bringing Light to those in the group. The leaderís childhood would see situations where adults continually asked that child to be out front, to begin new activities. The Lightworker may find himself in positions of leadership in their church, spiritual organization or study groups, leading others into self realization. So you can see, the possibilities are present in your chart, but you must choose. You usually know because you are asked to do your soulís purpose and our desire is to do so.

We are discussing one-thirteenth of the possibilities of the signs in your personal horoscope. There is much more revealed about you and your life in your chart which is intricate.

To enjoy your own reading please contact Patty via Email or Phone 302.378.6466.

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