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Soulís Purpose of the United States
by Patty Finlayson, PMA

Every person and organization, including countries, has a soulís purpose. Each entity, upon incarnation, wants to balance the energies, accomplishments and unfinished business from previous lives, and this is revealed in the horoscope.

It is helpful to learn from the past to create the future. The United Statesí horoscope reveals that the past characteristics are that of Aquarius. People who were unusual, free, independent, had advanced ideas, believed in equality and brotherhood, and were technologically advanced. The Aquarian nature likes to agitate to reveal fresh ideas, and is interested in astrology. There can be a tendency to depend too much upon friends who then disappoint. There is a characteristic of going to extremes with too much freedom without restraints and without principle, resulting in the encroachment upon the rights and justice of others.

The Aquarian nature is revolutionary, and this country was founded on a revolution; an insistence upon being free and independent, allowing citizens freedom to own land, to vote, freedom of movement, expression and justice. Aquarius is associated with immigration, and people from all lands, cultures and religions have come here and are treated with respect and equality, especially in the courts. When I was a young person, our expression was ďAll for one and one for allĒ, so truly Aquarian.

Interestingly, Aquarius rules the unusual and the constitution eliminates ďcruel and unusual punishmentĒ. In 1776, the usual punishment was to be hung until almost dead, then drawn and quartered, with the body parts distributed throughout the realm to create fear. The founders made sure that would not happen here, and that began a world-wide revolution that has eliminated that punishment.

This freedom allowed immigrants to travel freely, establishing communities in their own fashion. The elimination of classes, so Aquarian, allowed those who wanted to work and create new businesses to do so. True free spirits, with unusual ability to create without fear established a new way of life in the world.

Aquarius is inventive, and the United States is the most inventive country in the world, exporting ideas and Aquarian technology everywhere.

Now, what is the United States supposed to accomplish? In the beginning, the Leo soulís purpose was loyal to the Crown of England, the Leo country. But, as England suppressed the Colonies with taxes and other onerous duties, the Colonies rebelled. As we say, the rest is history.

The United States is to learn to develop our own strength, and develop a strong will, not asking for or needing the approval of others. Our freedom and eccentricity is to be focused with pride and loyalty for our own country. Very strong international leadership is accomplished as long as she keeps her self confidence, and does not seek the favorable reception of other countries or dissipate her energies. The United States can do great things for the world as long as we donít take everything personally, hard for a Cancer country. The United States is to use her past Aquarian characteristics to forge a personal road, to become strong and well know, be strong-willed, to not be swayed by popular opinion when it goes against the principles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The planet that rules the past of the United States is Uranus, who is placed in the house of work, and there has been a revolution in the work place throughout our history, especially with the establishment of labor unions, such an Aquarian group. This planet is beautifully related with the other planets in the horoscope, meaning the talents and freedom from the past are being acted upon well. The planet that rules the soulís purpose is the Sun, who has a tense relationship with the planet of responsibility. Every time the country goes too far with freedoms, responsibility snaps her back. This responsibility rests upon the shoulder of the chief executive, the president. This placement reveals a working president, not a king who commands. The responsibility of the president is to create relative stability, responsibility with the citizens and must be responsible himself or be recalled. The planet of responsibility also requires the utmost honesty or there is a downfall. This planet reveals a present easy relationship with the past, with the opportunity to develop the necessary will and achieve the goals of the present from past experience.

Responsibility is reflected in the population, too. We are to balance responsibility with freedom. When the population demands or expects too much, responsibility pulls us back, sometimes in the form of lack, forcing us to pay attention to principle and balance the excesses. The planet of responsibility is the most exalted planet in the USA horoscope, meaning that honesty, hard work and responsibility will win out over time.

Our past Aquarian characteristic also reveals governance by Congress, so the United States is acting according to well developed political experience from the past. The Moon of the United States is in Aquarius, too. The Moon represents both the past, mothers and women and the mood of the population. The women who helped found this nation were fiercely independent, equal to the men, and created new ways of living, including teaching their children to be free. The people are eclectic, free, changeable, can be unstable, and love to stir things up. They can be stubborn and demand their own way. There can be an appearance of many different groups who are not integrated, but when a common cause is discovered, they become one.

Aquarius rules or is associated with consortiums, and the largest in the world is the United Nations, who is housed in the United States, in that most exciting city, New York. Aquarius is cause oriented, with the United Nations the most utopian of all. Has anybody actually read the charter of the UN? It is enlightening, especially now that scandals are causing re-organization. Remember that nations and the UN are administered by people who are not perfect. All goes well when the good of all is considered, and fall when selfishness is foremost.

Using the 5:19 pm birth time of the United States, the placement of the soulís purpose of the United States is in the house of the treasury and income from taxes. The past life point is in the house of spending, especially spending for idealistic causes for all the people. There is a need for self discipline and investment of the income instead of the heavy spending, a need for thought of the future for the children. We are to avoid too much spending for too many causes.

Presidents who carry the signs of the past and the future include:

Aquarian Presidents: William Harrison the 9th, Abraham Lincoln the 16th, Franklin Roosevelt the 32nd, and Ronald Reagan the 40th.

Leo Presidents: Benjamin Harrison the 23rd, Herbert Hoover the 31st and Bill Clinton the 42nd.

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