About Patty the Astrologer

Patty Finalson, Astrologer Patty the Astrologer renowned and celebrated Professional Master Consulting Astrologer, astrology teacher and lecturer, author and blogger has been providing astrology support and services since 1981. She is a successful business owner who has started and managed two businesses, one of which she sold after 17 years of success. In her current business of 37 years, she provides astrology readings, and contact with your guides and loved ones, who have passed over. She also teaches basic and advanced astrology classes and hosts a weekly Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) study group.

Helping you understand why you are here and what qualities are the guide for your life, are Patty’s motivating passions. Patty is an ethical, empathetic, and supportive astrologer. She is considerate in the process and mindful that each person is distinctive with unique motivators and methods of expression and receiving. She is diligent about getting to know each person for who they are and providing individually-centered services.

Patty has studied and applied the concepts of many legendary philosophies including Alice Bailey, Rudolph Steiner, Lao Russell, A Course in Miracles and Edgar Cayce. She has touched the lives of thousands across the United States and internationally through personal readings, professional lectures and seminars on astrology, meditation, and dream interpretation at community and academic events.

Patty supports Edgar Cayce's A.R.E., Catholic Charities, PBS, Delaware Food Bank and American Vets.

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Patty is available for your astrology reading, to facilitate contact to your Ascended Masters, session with your loved ones on the other side, lectures, workshops, and media engagements. My intent is to help you gain understanding of your situation, help you see the opportunities within each challenge and how to apply them. Whether through astrology, tarot, wisdom gain through life experience, advice from your loved ones on the other side or the Masters, my desire is to help you.

~ ♈ ♉ ♊ ~

How it all started

Patty's fire for astrology was ignited after reading Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Her curiosity peaked one fateful day in 1976 when she decided to get her chart done. Discovering that your soul’s purpose is revealed in your horoscope, profoundly impacted Patty as the illumination her chart provided resonated to her core. Astrology was a practical and accessible way to uncover why you are here. She was intrigued and questioned the astrologer about the process. Seeing the spark in her soul, he suggested she visit a local astrology group.

She began attending meetings regularly, becoming a vital member of the growing community. The women who owned the shop gave astrology lessons that Patty immediately signed up for and she put in the intermediate astrology class. Through this amazing community, she began to learn and develop into not only an avid lover of astrology but a thoughtful and focused practitioner. Eventually, Patty could not find a teacher who could teach her anymore; they all said she would have to learn from experience, which she continues to do passionately.

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Teaching and Mentoring
  • Astrology Teacher: DELTECH Colleges, Wilmington University, and the University of Delaware Osher Center of Lifelong Learning, Delaware
  • Currently teaches two levels of astrology, expert and basic.
  • Hosts a Gnosis discussion group of esoteric subjects.
Radio and TV
  • Astrologer: WDEL radio, Saturday Hot Spot with Frank Gregory, Delaware
  • Astrologer: WBCK, Battle Creek Michigan
  • Favorite Astrologer: WUSA9 TV, Washington, DC
  • Host: Own live call-in TV show on WHYY, Wilmington/Philadelphia in the 1980’s.
Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.
  • Member: Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment
  • Currently hosts weekly Edgar Cayce study group.
  • Astrology Teacher: Association for Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach

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