About Patty the Astrologer

Patty Finalson, Astrologer Hello, I'm Patty the Astrologer

Astrologer to Astrologers, Personal Astrologer Advisor, Teacher, Speaker, and Author.

Whether you are an experienced astrologer or new to astrology, I would love to get to know you and help you to gain more insight about astrology, your life and your Soul's Purpose.

What's my sign? For starters, here is a little about me from an astrological standpoint.

My Sun is in Cancer. My Moon is in Aries and I have Scorpio rising in my birth chart.

What does this say about me and how I offer my astrology services?

My Sun sign in Cancer indicates I am very sensitive and I give astrology advice in a very caring way. My astrology clients are like family to me!

My Moon is in Aries, meaning immediate response to you! I personally respond to all emails sent to me and personally get to know everyone of my clients and students.

My ascendant, or rising sign, in Scorpio lends steadiness and persistence to my way of being. I love spontaneous adventures and have a youthful outlook indicated by my moon sextile, in harmony, with my Sun in Cancer. Simply stated:

"I love astrology and I love my clients and students! You can count on me to be there for you!"

~ ♋ ♌ ♍ ~

Over 40 years of experience doing what I love!

I am a celebrated Professional Master Consulting Astrologer, astrology teacher and lecturer, author and astrological forecast blogger. I have been providing astrology support and services since 1981 with many, many years of professional experience.

I've been on countless live radio and TV shows throughout America and have had my own call-in TV show in Wilmington, Delaware. I taught astrology at local colleges in Delaware and at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. I've given astrology, dream and meditation lectures and workshops at many Edgar Cayce's A.R.E groups, libraries and senior centers throughout the country.

~ ♈ ♉ ♊ ~

How it all started

My passion, my fire for astrology was ignited after reading Linda Goodman's Sun Signs. My curiosity peaked one fateful day in 1976 when I decided to get my astrological birth chart done. Discovering that my soul's purpose was revealed in my horoscope profoundly impacted me as the illumination my chart provided resonated to my core! I was so intrigued and questioned the astrologer about the process to learn more. Seeing my spark, he suggested I visit with a local astrology group.

I realized that Astrology is a practical and accessible way to uncover why you are here.

I began attending meetings with the recommended astrology group regularly, becoming a vital member of the growing community. The women who owned the shop gave astrology lessons and I studied and learned all I could from them. Through this amazing community, I began to learn and develop into an avid lover of astrology, and more importantly, a thoughtful and focused practitioner. Eventually, my teachers said they could not teach me anymore; that I would have to learn from experience. Which I did!

I spent many years studying and applying the concepts of many legendary philosophies including Alice Bailey, Rudolph Steiner, Lao Russell, A Course in Miracles and Edgar Cayce.

At Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, "The A.R.E.", I was certified by Kim O'Neill to communicate with Angels. She said of me: "you are a clear channel and even spontaneously receive information while walking across the room with a cup of coffee." And from her survey, "You're among the most intuitive and psychic of all human beings, an intuitive powerhouse and rank at the top of the intuition scale." Wow! It felt wonderful to have my developed intuitive abilities recognized by such a respected teacher!

Since then, I have spent many years working with others sharing my intuitive gifts. And I still love coffee.

Today In the Present (The Gift).

I AM blessed to have touched the lives of thousands across the United States and internationally through personal readings, professional lectures and seminars on astrology, meditation, and dream interpretation at community and academic events.

I continue on passionately in service!



Patty Finlayson aka "Patty the Astrologer"

~ ♋ ♌ ♍ ~

How can I help you?

Teaching and Mentoring
  • Astrology Teacher: DELTECH Colleges, Wilmington University, and the University of Delaware Osher Center of Lifelong Learning, Delaware
  • Currently teaches two levels of astrology, expert and basic.
  • Hosts a Gnosis discussion group of esoteric subjects.
Radio and TV
  • Astrologer: WDEL radio, Saturday Hot Spot with Frank Gregory, Delaware
  • Astrologer: WBCK, Battle Creek Michigan
  • Favorite Astrologer: WUSA9 TV, Washington, DC
  • Host: Own live call-in TV show on WHYY, Wilmington/Philadelphia in the 1980’s.
Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.
  • Member: Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment
  • Currently hosts weekly Edgar Cayce study group.
  • Astrology Teacher: Association for Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach

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