Private Sessions

Discover answers to any of your questions
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We all have questions? What would you like to know more about?

  • Your Soul's Purpose?
  • Your relationships?
  • What is going on with my spouse, children, parents, friends, pets...?
  • What is happening regarding my job, boss and company?
  • Is it a suitable time to move? Is this a suitable location for me?
  • Is my loved one who passed over ok?

These are just some of the questions we can explore together. You can ask any questions you like. I can help you discover innovative solutions revealed by future phases or cycles in your astrological birth chart horoscope which are unique to you.

Helping you understand why you are here and what qualities are the guide for your life, are my motivating passions. I am an ethical, empathetic and supportive astrologer.

I am known for my deep intuitive abilities. Your personal reading brings straight-forward, focused and helpful information revealed to me in your birth chart horoscope and sometimes by Ascended Masters, and your guides or loved ones that have passed over. Everything about you is confidential and secure.

Please contact me to schedule a date and time for your session. We will have a short "get to know each other" during our first contact and go over any questions you may have prior to your appointment.

I help you understand why your life is the way it is. This includes relationships, repeating situations, career and more. With primary focus on your Soul's Purpose, you gain insight into why you are here; what characteristics you want to express this lifetime, based upon talents from previous lifetimes.

Your Year Ahead Reading reveals upcoming phases or cycles of experiences coming your way. I give you insights to promote positive growth. Knowing what these phases will be, how long they will last and how they may play out is certainly helpful! This reading helps you know where and how to focus your attention and activities to solve your problems and answer your current questions.

Inquire about yourself, spouse or loved one, parents, children, career, or any subject you are curious about. You receive accurate, helpful information about the present time and how to map the coming months in your life, learn your astrology insights into the yearly major soul cycles or phases in your hour-long private session.

During your same personal session, you may receive advice from astrology, the tarot, deceased loved ones including pets, your Guides, angels and Ascended Masters.

Everything about you and your personal reading is confidential and secure. Your sessions are recorded and emailed to you so you can access your valuable information again.

15 minutes: $39: usually enough time for a short question or maybe 2 questions.
30 minutes: $77: usually enough time for 2-3 questions.
45 minutes: $115: if you have 4-5 questions or are hoping to contact someone on the other side or your guides (note: Consider booking an hour if you have several questions.)
60 Minutes: $153: time required to review your personal astrological birth chart, including your year-ahead forecast with focus on your special concerns.

International money exchange can be arranged for the lowest exchange rates. International personal sessions may be arranged as a conference call with your country's local number.

DISCLAIMER: My astrological services are not intended to replace professional medical treatment, diagnose or treat medical issues and not intended to replace professional financial advice.

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