Private Sessions

Discover answers to any of your questions
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With your personal celestial forecast you can:

  • Learn about your relationships
  • Know what is happening regarding your job, boss and company
  • Know when tension is ahead
  • Know when things will be flowing and easy
  • Know when things are coming to you
  • Know when it will be a plateau, or boring
  • Know when to have serious conversation
  • Know when to begin and
  • Know when to end

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost everything about your life! Patty can help you discover new solutions using your own soul pattern revealed in your horoscope and future phases or cycles which are unique to you. Inquire about yourself, a spouse or loved one, parents, children, career or any subject you are curious about. You will receive accurate, helpful information about now and to map the coming months in your life. Learn your astrology insights into the yearly, major soul cycles or phases in an our-long private session.

During your same personal session, you may receive advice from the tarot, deceased loved ones including pets, your guides, angels and Ascended Masters.

You will receive valuable information prior to your reading, which is recorded and emailed to you. Everything about you is confidential and secure.

15 minutes: $39: good for a short question or tarot.
30 minutes: $77: good for more questions or several tarot questions.
45 minutes: $115: better for several questions or contact with the other side or your Master.
60 Minutes: $153: good for a year-ahead forecast with your special concerns focused.

Learn about a specific situation in a short, to-the-point call or email with Patty to receive her famed predictive insight. People repeatedly say about her short insights: "Right on! Again!" "You called it!"

International money exchange can be arranged for the lowest exchange rates. International personal sessions may be arranged as a conference call with your country’s local number.

The newsletter has astrological insights for you, the U.S.A., the latest news and world events.