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Souls Purpose Astrology by Patty the Astrologer

Patty has been a professional astrologer since 1980. Her passion is to help you discover your reason for being on earth at this time. This means discovering your past life talents and quirks that can be used for accomplishing your mission this lifetime.

Your past life information includes valuable information regarding some personality traits and talents and certain likes and dislikes not otherwise shown in your chart or horoscope. This past life knowledge can help you heal your attitudes towards relationships, money and health. Not all past life quirks are "bad," most of them are good. They are shown as highly developed attitudes and activities. When you have used these talents for the good of others in past lives, they are talents or good luck now. If you had been selfish in past lives, they come back as challenges.

For instance, do you attract people of the same sign and they are not identified in your relationship areas of your chart? Your past life information can reveal this. Do you have a recurring mild health issue not otherwise shown in your chart? This can be identified also and at least you will understand why you have this pesky problem.

Patty is currently working with healers worldwide to help them identify these areas in their own horoscopes, thereby rendering them capable of helping their clients do the same.

Other life's questions are answered, too. In a session with Patty the Astrologer interests such as job or career, money and love life are talked about and you receive valuable information and help. Life patterns are gently identified, and you are given insight on how to work with challenging patterns and turn them into beneficial situations and relationships. People have told Patty that understanding their relationship with their parents as revealed in their charts is one of the most valuable insights given, enabling them to have better dealings with them.

You may have interest in knowing what will happen in the time ahead, whether for today, one month to a year or beyond. You are given this information in specific terms with specific dates. The year ahead identifies the challenges, types of relationships, opportunities and easy times your soul has set up for you to experience at given times. Then you have the information you need to make right decisions for the highest good of all. Patty will not tell you what to do; she identifies what is ready to happen so you can tell yourself what to do.

Patty's highly developed intuition, combined with her astrology and life experience gently help you understand yourself, encourage you to expand your potential talents and turn challenges into accomplishments. Call her today for a greater understanding of you and your life.

To enjoy your own reading please contact Patty via Email or Phone 302.378.6466.

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