Patty Finalson AstrologerWelcome to Patty’s world.

Hi, I’m Patty— astrologer, author, teacher, psychic channel-medium, podcast host, and lecturer.

I love working in my home office drinking strong, rich coffee while writing astrology newsletters, recording podcasts, and working one-on-one with clients around the world to help them understand their life, relationships, careers and more.

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Over the past 40 years, I’ve helped many understand their worlds: parental and sibling relationships, love and marriage, career and money situations. I’ve helped others and can help you discover past-life gifts and glitches and why you are here now - your soul’s purpose. I can help you learn the why of current situations, how long it will last and how to recognize and activate the opportunities and helps during challenging times.


When I was certified by Kim O’Neill to communicate with angels at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. she said of me: "you are a clear channel and even spontaneously receive information while walking across the room with a cup of coffee." And from her survey, "You’re among the most intuitive and psychic of all human beings, an intuitive powerhouse and rank at the top of the intuition scale."

I’ve been on countless live radio and TV shows throughout America and have had my own call-in TV show in Wilmington, Delaware. I taught astrology at local colleges in Delaware and at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. I’ve given astrology, dream and meditation lectures and workshops at many Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E groups, libraries and senior centers throughout the country.

Currently I help others with readings, write free newsletters and a podcast with helpful current astrology, or celestial information, for you. I currently mentor and teach astrology groups at the intermediate and expert levels, an esoteric discussion group and an Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. study group. You are invited to join any of these online group discussions.

I am here for you. Just contact me to arrange for your unique session or to join one of our groups.

I am also available to virtually give lectures and seminars for your group; please contact me personally for details.

Recommendations from Patty's clients

"Hope this finds you well. The last reading has been really amazing! Many of the key points you identified have come to pass :)" I have been feeling to get in touch with you and ask for a session to contact with my guides. Is that something you offer?
FP, London

"A good friend highly recommended you, so I would like to make an appointment."
WN, Toronto

"I can't remember ever having a more enjoyable – or amazing – conversation than the one I shared with you yesterday afternoon. You are so gifted and magnetic, I am sure you were right Saturday when you said you did this same work in another life. How else can we explain your ability to 'see' so much and to communicate it to us 'unschooled' souls. I anxiously await my recorded reading so I can re-live those magic moments!
You’re truly a wonder!"
Sincerely, B.D., Virginia

"Thanks so much for clarifying my questions for me. It all makes sense.
A thousand thank you's, Patty! You’re a wonderful person!"
From JM, Canada

~ ♐ ♑ ♒ ~

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