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Hi, I'm Patty, Professional Master Consulting Astrologer, astrology teacher, lecturer and author. If you are new to astrology or an astrologer yourself, I am here to help.


Personal Sessions

I am here for you. Contact me to join my classes and groups and to arrange personal sessions. I am also available to give lectures and seminars.

Helping you understand why you are here and what qualities are the guide for your life, are my motivating passions. I am an ethical, empathetic, and supportive astrologer.

I am considerate in the process and mindful that each person is distinctive with unique motivators and methods of expression and receiving and I am diligent about getting to know you for who you are and providing individually-centered services.

I am known for my deep intuitive abilities. Personal Readings bring straight forward, focused and helpful information that is revealed to me in your birth chart horoscope and sometimes by Ascended Masters, your guides or loved ones that have passed over.

Please call me to schedule a date and time for your session. We will have a short “get to know each other” phone call and go over any questions you may have prior to your appointment.

Intuitive Interpretations of Your Birth
(Natal) Chart Reading

I help you understand why your life is the way it is. This includes relationships, repeating situations, career and more. With primary focus on your Soul's Purpose, you gain insight into why you are here; what characteristics you want to express this lifetime, based upon talents from previous lifetimes.

Your Year Ahead Reading

Your Year Ahead Reading reveals upcoming phases or cycles of experiences coming your way. I give you insights to promote positive growth. Knowing what these phases are, how long they will last and how they may play out is certainly helpful! This reading helps you know where and how to focus your attention and activities to solve your problems and answer your current questions.



“I love my clients and students!”

"Hope this finds you well. The last reading has been really amazing! Many of the key points you identified have come to pass :)"

I have been feeling to get in touch with you and ask for a session to contact with my guides. Is that something you offer?
FP, London

"A good friend highly recommended you, so I would like to make an appointment."
WN, Toronto.

"I can't remember ever having a more enjoyable – or amazing – conversation than the one I shared with you yesterday afternoon. You are so gifted and magnetic, I am sure you were right Saturday when you said you did this same work in another life. How else can we explain your ability to 'see' so much and to communicate it to us 'unschooled' souls. I anxiously await my recorded reading so I can re-live those magic moments!
You're truly a wonder!
Sincerely, B.D., Virginia

"Thanks so much for clarifying my questions for me. It all makes sense. A thousand thank you's, Patty! You're a wonderful person!"
From JM, Canada

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